Investment Principles

Mistral's investment philosophy is rooted in many years of disciplined and thoughtful attention to generating, developing and executing upon specific investment themes within our sectors of interest. We constantly monitor and analyze shifts in demographics, spending patterns, and lifestyle trends to identify compelling investment opportunities in businesses that can grow under all economic conditions, which we believe substantially mitigates the risks inherent in equity investing. A cornerstone of our investment philosophy is to draw on the combined experience and relationships of our investment professionals and strategic partners to drive performance improvements in the businesses we partner with.

Formalizing the "Informal Network"
For the past 25 years, the Principals have relied upon an informal network of companies, executives, entrepreneurs and unfunded sponsors to generate proprietary transaction flow. A large number of those contact points are investors in Mistral and have an economic incentive to provide leads, advice, and expertise to the Fund.

In a highly competitive private equity investment environment, we pride ourselves in our ability to recognize structural or psychological paradigm shifts in our industries of interests ahead of our peers and identify niche companies capable of capitalizing on such trends.

Our combined years of successful investment experience have taught us to maintain a disciplined investment approach in varying market conditions. Over the years, our investment professionals have developed a proven and repeatable process of identifying investment opportunities with an attractive balance of risk and reward.

Our ability to work through complex transaction structures allows us to pursue a wide transaction mandate including leveraged buy-outs, recapitalizations, growth investments, acquisition financings, and carve outs from larger corporations. We generally seek to make control investments, but can also work together with like-minded financial or strategic partners.

Transaction Size
We typically seek to invest $25 to $50 million of equity in each transaction, and generally look for businesses with enterprise values of $100 to $300 million. We can pursue larger transactions in collaboration with our Limited Partners, and we will also consider smaller investments in special situations as well.

Strong Management
We believe the key to our success is identifying, building and partnering with strong management teams to lead and execute on our vision of the businesses we invest in. To that end we align both our short and long-term interests with management teams and provide meaningful ownership in our businesses.