Mistral Equity Partners

Mistral Equity Partners is a private equity firm comprised of highly experienced investment professionals and seasoned industry executives. The firm specializes in the consumer and media sectors, and is especially attracted to businesses that are supported by strong demographic trends and fundamental changes in consumer preferences. Our principals have a long history of working together and identifying successful investment opportunities with these characteristics.

Mistral's resources and capabilities are complemented by our Strategic Partner, the Schottenstein Family of Companies ("SFC"), a private group of companies with in excess of $6 billion in sales. Additionally, our "Management Board" is comprised of a number of seasoned industry executives and entrepreneurs, who have become substantial limited partners. Together they bring decades of experience and contacts in industries related to our investment objectives, such as consumer products and services, retailing and advertising, among others. These strategic relationships provide Mistral key advantages, including unique, non-auction deal flow, specialized due diligence support and the capability to assess asset values and structure downside protections rarely employed by growth investors.

Mistral seeks to generate long-term capital appreciation by purchasing equity securities (and other securities providing equity-like returns) in leveraged acquisitions, build-ups, recapitalizations, restructurings, and pre-IPO growth financings. We primarily invest in North American companies with enterprise values between $100 million and $300 million, and our typical investment size is between $25 million and $50 million, with the ability to pursue larger transactions in collaboration with our Limited Partners.